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Festivals in Mainpuri

Festivals in Mainpuri are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. As people of multiple disciplines reside in Mainpuri festivals act as an element to bring harmony in their lives. Shopping, feasting, greetings, gifting with more and more of fun is observed in Manipuri’s as they celebrate their festivals. Pilgrim visit, offering prayers and reciting verses from the holy book are common festival practices in Mainpuri.

Buddhist festival Mainpuri

Diwali in Mainpuri

Diwali described as “festivals of lights” is celebrated on grand scale in the city. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped for wealth and prosperity. Sweets distribution, gifts exchange and fireworks are the major activities of the day. The festival also signifies the arrival of winter and Kharif crop reaping in Mainpuri. The Kartiki-Purnima also called as bathing festivals invites lots of Mainpuris to the river banks which occurs on the full moon day of month Kartika. A ritual bath at the time of moonrise on kartiki-purnima at a sacred river or lake is considered auspicious. People move towards the banks of holy River Ganga and Pushkar River to celebrate the occasion. The day is also celebrated by Jains and Sikhs. Maha Shivaratri also called as “Great Night of Lord Shiva” is a popular Hindu festival celebrated to mark the convergence of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. The day is celebrated by offering milk and Bilvapatra leaves to Lord Shiva, fasting at day and vigil throughout night by humming prayers on Lord Shiva is observed on Shivaratri.

Holi is celebrated with great fun in Mainpuri. Logs of wood are collected in Mainpuri’s street and road junction on a night before Holi and people from the neighbourhood gather to witness and enjoy bonfire, the bonfire before Holi symbolises eradication of evil forces. In Mainpuri, Holi is also celebrated as crop festival as people roast barley and wheat in the bonfire. The next day Holi is celebrated by throwing and splashing vibrant colours and water colours on each other and by the evening people dress up and visits their friends and family in Mainpuri.

Eid in Mainpuri

Shab-e-Barat celebrated by Muslims in Mainpuri on the fourteenth night of Shaban, the day is observed with vigil nights offering prayers for their deceased ancestor’s soul rest in peace. Ramadan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is observed as a fasting month by the worldwide Muslims. Mainpuri Muslims spend the Ramadan month by offering prayers and reciting the holy Quran. Id-ul-Fitr also called as Eid falls on day one of the Shawal month to celebrate the successful completion of the Ramadan. Delicious feast and sweets are prepared to break the fast. Id-ul-Zuha also called as Bakra-Id falls on the tenth day of Zilhijja which is celebrated on remembrance Ismail, son of prophet Ibrahim whose life was sacrificed by his father by the will of God. On the day, special prayers are offered in mosques and the people sacrifice sheep or goat. Giarahveen Sharif is celebrated mainly by the Sunnis in Mainpuri on remembrance of Abdul Qadir Jilani who is hailed as a descendent of Prophet Muhammad.

Jain Festivals in Mainpuri

Jains in Mainpuri celebrate the birth anniversary and enlightenment anniversary of twenty third and twenty fourth Jain tirthankars Parshvanath and Mahavir. Other important Jain festivals observed in Mainpuri are Paryushan, Bhadra and Asthanika.

Buddhist Festivals

BuddhaBuddha Purnima or Vesak is the vital festival celebrated by Buddhist in Mainpuri as the day marks the birth, enlightenment of Buddha and the death of Buddha. On Buddha Purnima the Buddhists in Mainpuri visits Buddhist temples offering prayers and reciting Tripitaka.

Sikh festivals

Sikhs in Mainpuri celebrate the birth of Sikh gurus Nanak Tegh Bahadur and Govind Singh. On the day Sikhs visits Gurudwara, offers prayers and recites verses from Granth Sahib. Baisakhi is another Sikh harvest festival which is celebrated in Mainpuri to commemorate the establishment of the Khalsa.

Christmas Celebration in Mainpuri

Christmas on December 25th is celebrated on grand scale by the Christians in Mainpuri. The day marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians in Mainpuri visits church, attend the mass and recites verses from the holy Bible. The other important Christian festivals celebrated in Mainpuri are Good Friday which marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Easter which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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