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Places near Mainpuri

Mainpuri is located north east of the world renowned tourist destination Agra. Cities surrounding Mainpuri are well praised tourist spots. So from Mainpuri one can reach the nearby tourist destinations in no time. Here are the details of tourist destinations near Mainpuri most of which are at a distance within 300 km from the city.


Agra Tourist Place near Mainpuri

Agra city pockets majestic Taj Mahal on its grounds. One of the world heritage centre, Taj Mahal, on the banks of river Yamuna, was built by king Shah Jahan in remembrance of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The fairs like Kailash fair, Sheetla fair, Bateshwar fair, Urs, Taj Mahotsav and many more attract a large number of tourists from Mainpuri to its vicinity. Government emporia, malls and souvenir shops are a quite a famous shopping locations in Agra.

How to Reach

Mainpuri is located to the north east of Agra; also Mainpuri comes under Agra division, so it is much easier to reach Agra from Mainpuri. Agra is about 104 km from Mainpuri. UPSRTC bus runs between the cities which will reach Agra from Mainpuri in two and half hour.


Makbara, also called as Mausoleum of Shahpir, in Meerut attracts large number of devotees from Mainpuri each year, the whole of Makbara is built with red stone. Lord Shiva’s Baba Augharah Nath Temple in Meerut has historic importance. Gandhi Bagh, Victoris park, Suraj Kund park are famous parks in Meerut.

How to Reach

Meerut and Mainpuri is at a distance of 314 km from each other. Kalindi Express (14723) aids to reach Ghaziabad junction from Mainpuri railway station from where Dehradun Express (12017) reaches Meerut, all together it takes around nine hrs to reach Meerut. Else from Mainpuri through roadways Tundla can be reached in 1 hr 45 mins from where Meerut can be reached through Sangam Express (14163) in 5 hrs, this is the shortest route possible to reach Meerut.


The popular tourist destination in Kanpur are Jajmau which houses famous temples, Jain Glass Temple is beautifully decorated with glass and ceramic works, Allen forest is the famous zoo in Kanpur, Kamla retreat near Allen forest has a swimming tank which produces artificial waves and has boating facilities, Phool bagh, Nana Rao Park, Kanpur memorial church, Syed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar are known for its fairs and many more.

How to reach

The city is located at a distance of about 205 km from Mainpuri. Kalindi Express (14724) runs between the cities which takes about six hours forty minutes to reach. But through roadways Kanpur can be reached in 3 hrs.


Kannauj homes many pilgrim centres which attract a large number of devotees. Popular pilgrim centres are Ajay Pal Temple, Annopoorna Devi Temple, Baba Gauri Shankar Temple, Govardhan Devi temple, Jagannath temple, Jain temple, Kaleshwar Nath Temple, Kali Devi Temple, Kali Durga Temple, Kshemkari Temple, Maurari Temple, Padma Sati Temple, Pakaria Nath Temple, Phoolmati Devi Temple and many historic masjids. Fort of King Jai Chandra is one of the important ancient monuments in the city which is said to have many golden bricks, even now. The “Urs” hosted by Dargah Haji Sharif is very popular in the city as it is enjoyed by people of all disciplines. Balapir Fort is an example for the architectural style in Kannauj as it is built entirely with marble and red stone.

How to reach

Kannauj is located at a distance of 98 kms from Mainpuri. Through roadways the city can be reached from Mainpuri in just 1hr 30mins, whereas Kalindi Express (14724) which runs between two cities will take about 3 hrs 20 mins to reach Kannauj from Mainpuri railway station.

Fatehpur Sikri

DiwanFatehpur Sikri is famous for its historic monuments. The Diwan-i-Aam with a big courtyard attracts a large number of tourists to its vicinity. The courtyard was once used by the King to give public speeches. Diwan-i-Khaas fascinates its visitor by its majestic chambers and artistic pillars. Pachisi court with a large courtyard was used for playing Paschisi by the King.

How to reach

Fatehpur Sikri is located at a distance of 154 km from Mainpuri. Kalindi express (14723) from Mainpuri railway station can be chosen to reach to Tundla or Firozabad railway station, from where Fatehpur Sikri can be reached through roadways. Both the ways will take around 4 hr 30 mins travel duration.


Kalinjar Fort attracts a large number of tourists as it pockets two majestic Raja Mahal Palace and Rani Mahal Palace within its premise which can be reached through seven gateways. Neelkanth Temple and Vankhandeshwar Magadev Temple also attracts a large number of devotees.

How to reach

Kalinjar is situated at a distance of 596 km from Mainpuri. Three way journey favours its reach. From Mainpuri through a taxi reach Etawah, from where Fatehpur Sikri can be reached through Kalka Mail (12312), from there Kalinjar can be reached through roadways. This travel will take around 9 hrs which is the shortest possible route to reach Kalinjar.

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