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Things To Do in Mainpuri

Do Shopping MainpuriThere is much to do in Mainpuri city and it leaves with countless number of choices for its tourists. The well-versed transport facility in the city aids its tourists to locate them in their desired city landmarks.

Places of Interest in Mainpuri

The last remains of Chauhan Dynasty in Maharaj Tej Singh Chauhan Fort is worth watch as it portrays the Chauhan’s rule in Mainpuri, although the fort has become a private property it is still historically important. The Garhi, Khankah Rashidiya, Phool Bagh and the Lohia Park are the important places of interest in the city.

Pilgrim Visit Mainpuri

An idol of Durga Devi appearing in 18 arms on Bhimsen Mandir is a rare statue of Goddess Durga which makes Mainpuri an ideal pilgrim centre. Hanuman Tmple in Mainpuri is also famous as it attracts a large number of devotees.

Photography in Mainpuri

Photographs of forts, palaces, remains of Chauhan Dynasty, luscious environment, Sarus Crane, temples fests and fairs, people and their living, marvellous handmade crafts, water fountains in Phool Bagh & Lohia Park, lush and green Mainpuri parks and many more can be taken. At certain tourist spots especially pilgrim centres photography is restricted.

Shopping in Mainpuri

The city is famous for its wooden sculptures, were marvellous sculptures of Taj Mahal, flora & fauna, idols, cookery products and many more are carved out in fine wood and long lasting polish is done over them. The city operates lamp and glass manufacturing industries which pave way to shop decorative lamps and glass wares from Mainpuri markets.

The walking tour across Mainpuri aids the traveller to get a better view about the city and its people. A walk within the city helps to gain knowledge about the lifestyle, culture, housekeeping, fashion and the ethnic nature of the city. You can stop by snack bars to munch the delicious Mainpuri’s snack and desserts. If you are lucky you can get to see the beautiful Sarus crane on your journey.

Industrial Visit in Mainpuri

An industrial visit is a learning experience for tourists in Mainpuri as the city operates many large and small-scale industries based on oil mining, glass manufacturing, cotton ginning and tobacco making. The visit gains knowledge on methodologies used in the industries, raw materials used for product and the work management process. Tourists are advised not to photograph within the premise of any industry without the acknowledgement of the management.

Watching Craftsmen at Work in Mainpuri

It's a wonderful experience to watch the wood carving craftsmen working on the product in his workshop, as his hands carves a wooden shapeless object into an artistic sculpture in no time, it depicts the experience and skill of the craftsmen in his trade. These craftsmen are much skilled in the type of wood to be used for a particular type of sculpture and their creative ideas in the use of colours and polish on the sculptures.

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