History of Mainpuri

The historic city Mainpuri was earlier a part of Kannauj kingdom. The Kannauj kingdom ruled successfully Mainpuri and its surrounding states; once the kingdom fell, Mainpuri and its surrounding states were broken and divided into many small territories. These territories were equally divided and ruled by Rapri and Bhongaon.

Mughal Rule in Mainpuri

Mughal Invasion in Mainpuri

The downfall of Kannauj and the division of kingdom made it easier for foreign invasion. In 1526 the Mughal Emperor Babur captured Mainpuri. At that time the Afghan Dynasty began protests against the Mughals under the leadership of Sher Shah and they also succeeded in getting back Mainpuri from Emperor Babur. But the rule of Sher Shah was short as Mughal emperor Humayun expanded the Mughal territory till Mainpuri after his victory over Battle of Panipat. During the Mughal rule peace prevailed in Mainpuri, economy and culture took its stand in the city. Great Mughal rulers like Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangazeb ruled Mainpuri.

Mainpuri in 18th century

mainpuriThe Mughal rule prevailed in Mainpuri till the 18th century. By the start of 18th century Marathas invaded Mainpuri and established their rule. And then Mainpuri fell into hands of Nawab of Oudh, who with the help of English East India Company expelled Marathas and Rohillas from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and established rule in Mainpuri in 1774. Finally in 1801 Nawab of Oudh surrendered Mainpuri and its surrounding colonies under his rule to British East India Company who made Mainpuri as their administrative headquarters for their rule over the entire district of Etawah. By 1856 the East India Company divided Etah and Mainpuri as separate colonies.

Arrest of Congressmen in Mainpuri

The district congress committee foundation in Mainpuri was laid in 1919-20. A big rally was organised in Etah District by Congress to protest against the British rule and to create awareness of full independence among the people. Many Congress workers and common people participated in the rally. The police opened fire against the rally killing many. Upon the rally disperse the Congress, headed by Mathura Prasad Gupta Etah, returned to Mainpuri where they were arrested and jailed; they were released after Gandhi-Irwin Pact of 1931.

During the Second World War, the British East India Company requested Congress to lend their support to the Englishmen. The request was denied by the Congress who sought complete Independence from the British rule. So a meeting between British East India Company and Congress held at Mainpuri in 1940, Congress leaders Shyam Behari Lal and Kunj Behari addressed the meeting and explained the Congress' stand on the Second World War which was not in favour of the Englishmen which resulted in the imprisonment of Congress leaders who were released after a year. On August 15, 1947 India attained Independence from the British rule.

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